Morris Family Foundation

The Morris Family Foundation invests in projects and organisations with meaningful social, economic and environmental impact both at home in Australia, and internationally.

We support innovative organisations that shape real and systemic change at the heart of the complex problems facing our world.

In 2019, the Foundation implemented a ‘climate lens’ onto new grants, to ensure that all giving is working towards safeguarding a liveable climate for all. This means that all Morris Family Foundation grantees are working towards a zero carbon future through their projects.

The Morris Family Foundation is a private charitable foundation and was established in 2009 as the philanthropic arm of the Morris Group.


Impact Areas

We believe that Mother Nature should be given the opportunity to provide the earth and all inhabitants with a stable climate

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Equitable growth
and just societies

Investing in quality education and training creates long term sustainability, by helping people to help themselves and their communities. We support global projects that provide quality education and training with a focus on moving people into meaningful work that will assist in developing their community. We also focus on the economic inclusion of disadvantaged groups within Australian society.

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Food security and sustainable agriculture

We believe in a global food system that provides equitable access to healthy, nutritious food, and that is grown in a way that supports soils, biodiversity, the climate and the people who produce our food. We support global projects that enable the type of food system we want for the future.

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Preventative mental
health and wellbeing

We believe in preventative solutions to health and wellbeing driven by healthy diet, physical activity, mindfulness and being productive members of the community. We support projects that enable people and communities to reach their potential and live healthy and happy lives.

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Protection and restoration of the environment

We believe that Mother Nature should be given the opportunity to provide the earth and all inhabitants with a stable climate, clean water, healthy soils and fresh air. We support diverse projects from advocacy to research and direct conservation that we believe can achieve a systemic impact.



  • presenter at a school

    The Resilience Project via Mornington Peninsula Foundation

    Delivering emotionally engaging programs and practical, evidence-based strategies to build resilience. Read more

  • Melbourne city

    Regen Melbourne

    A purpose-led network building a regenerative future for Greater Melbourne. Read more

  • person being filmed

    Spark Studios

    Using the power of storytelling to spark meaningful change. Read more

  • woman at parliament

    Fair Agenda

    Campaigning for a future where our gender doesn’t determine our safety, financial security, or agency. Read more

  • group of women

    Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia

    A growing community of women solving our environmental and climate crises. Read more

  • woman at solar farm

    Solar Citizens

    Working to protect and grow renewable energy in Australia. Read more

  • group of people

    Grata Fund

    Building a fairer world by harnessing the power of high impact strategic litigation to create structural change. Read more

  • solar panels being built

    Climate Council

    Providing authoritative, expert advice to the Australian public on climate change and solutions based on the latest science. Read more

  • people on the beach

    Environmental Defenders Office

    Environmental Defenders Office uses the law to protect our wildlife, people and places. Read more

  • wind farm

    Greenpeace Australia Pacific

    An independent campaigning organisation giving this fragile earth a voice, solutions, and change. Read more

  • woman holding a baby

    Barbara May Foundation

    Providing lifesaving maternal healthcare and fistula repair in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Read more

  • woman outside her house

    So They Can

    Empowering people living in poverty through education and training. Read more

  • crowd at airport

    Talent Beyond Boundaries

    Matching highly skilled refugees with jobs that need their expertise in Australia and around the world. Read more

  • scientist looking through microscope

    Snowdome Foundation – Centre of Research Excellence in Myeloma

    Channelling investment into early phase human clinical trials of next generation treatments. Read more

  • Islander dancers performing

    Ganbina – Journey 2 Jobs

    Mentoring and training Indigenous students to build successful careers in partnership with Ignatius Park College. Read more

  • Sustainable Table

    An environmental not-for-profit that works to transform communities and food systems towards sustainable and regenerative practices. Read more

  • group posing for photo

    The School of St. Jude

    Providing high quality education that is a dream come true for students who would otherwise have very little opportunity. Read more

  • Farmers tiling land

    One Acre Fund

    Assisting farmers to end the cycle of poverty and hunger Read more

  • women weaving

    All Ears Cambodia

    Addressing the medical and developmental needs of people with disabling hearing loss in Cambodia. Read more

  • Student in front of blackboard

    One Girl

    When you educate a girl, she can change her world Read more

  • aerial view of country

    Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network

    Far more can be achieved by working together than acting alone Read more

  • student

    Digital Divide Data

    Assisting impoverished youth pursue education and a career Read more

  • conference

    The Next Economy

    Working to support communities across Australia to implement approaches to strengthen and stimulate their local economies so that they serve both people and the planet. Read more

  • cattle on farm

    Climateworks Centre

    A leading think tank that bridges the gap between research and climate action through their Deep Decarbonisation Pathways work. Read more

  • man smiling

    Root Capital

    A global agricultural microfinance organisation that invests in the success of smallholder farmers. Read more

  • Young people holding climate change signs

    Australian Youth Climate Coalition

    Empowering youth in Townsville to become leaders in their community and strong voices for climate action. Read more

  • view of bushland

    Rainforest Rescue

    Rainforest Rescue has been protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally since 1998. Read more

  • Volunteers collecting rubbish

    Tangaroa Blue

    Tangaroa Blue Foundation is an Australia-wide organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris, one of the major environmental issues worldwide. Read more

  • underwater museum

    Museum of Underwater Art

    The Museum of Underwater Art is the first installation of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Read more

  • overhead image of grat barrier reef

    James Cook University

    Reef Keepers has funded James Cook University to provide research scholarships for PhD students at the Orpheus Island Research Station. Read more

  • #OurDemocracy

    Inspiring people to participate in democratic renewal and the critical reforms needed to prevent the system from being for sale to the highest bidder. Read more

  • solar panels in a field

    Environment Victoria

    Campaigning for Victoria to do its part to solve the climate crisis whilst supporting communities who will be impacted. Read more

  • Young children smiling

    Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

    Working to stop child labour and imprisonment Read more

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