Creating systemic change together

Creating systemic change together

Morris Family Foundation

Our approach

We support innovative, grassroots projects that are working to address critical social, economic, and environmental issues, by creating systemic change to tackle their root causes.

Our focus areas

Morris Family Foundation works towards environmental and social justice across our five areas of focus:

  • Community transitions for a safe climate
  • Regenerative agricultural systems
  • Australia’s oceans and reefs (Reef Keepers)
  • First Nations Australians
  • International development

Community transitions for a safe climate

Supporting people and communities to embrace changes associated with climate change and the net zero transition through advocacy, education and community engagement.

Two men in hard hats standing in front of solar panels

Regenerative agricultural systems

Funding innovation and strategic interventions that support the growth of regenerative agriculture in Australia across the entire value chain.

Man standing in a wheat field

Reef Keepers

Supporting the health of the ocean and the Great Barrier Reef health by protecting marine ecosystems, reducing ocean pollution, and improving water quality to reduce sediment run-off.

Sea turtle swimming on the Great Barrier Reef

First Nations Australians

Investing in First Nations justice through solutions led by their communities, focused on education and economic inclusion.

International Development

Focused on projects that increase wellbeing, and increased economic inclusion through education, health, and supporting women and girls.

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