Global projects get greenlight for funding

5 min·8 Mar, 2022

Seven non-profit organisations have been awarded funding to help them deliver projects that support and strengthen communities and the environment all over the world.

The latest round of funding was announced following Morris Family Foundation’s recent board meeting, which also saw two new organisations receiving foundation support for the first time: The Centre for Policy Development and Cowboys Community Foundation in Townsville.

They join a range of other projects currently receiving support from the foundation across the key impact areas of the environment, equitable growth, sustainable agriculture, and mental health and wellbeing.

The foundation’s ‘climate lens’ also means that grantees must demonstrate that they are working towards a zero carbon future through their projects.

Participants in the One Girl program

The projects receiving foundation funding are:

  • Root Capital who partners with small and growing agricultural businesses in developing nations to address urgent challenges such as access to finance, climate action, gender equity, and next generation jobs.
  • Tangaroa Blue who works with communities to remove plastic and other marine debris from the environment, as well as identifying and implementing ways to prevent it from ending up there in the first place.
  • Chenla Children’s Healthcare who provides key health services to their local community in remote eastern Cambodia, as well as work to build capacity in the country’s health system.
  • Talent Beyond Boundaries who works all around the world helping highly skilled refugees gain employment in roles and industries aligned with their skills and experience.
  • Digital Divide Data who provides digital skills training to poor and underserved youth in Cambodia and Laos before moving them into employment in their cloud computing and data entry business, setting them up for further high skilled and higher paid work in the future.
  • Centre for Policy Development who leverage their networks in the political and corporate landscapes to influence public policy and ideas over the long term to outlast political cycles, for the greater good of society.
  • Cowboys Community Foundation who provides culturally safe school boarding for young indigenous students from remote North Queensland communities at NRL Cowboys House.

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