About The Morris Group

The Morris Group is an independent family-run Australian business operating across tourism, hospitality, renewable energy, finance, technology and aviation.


Founded by Chris Morris, the founder of ASX Top-50 global company Computershare, the Morris Group is a network of businesses striving to create a positive impact and enable access to the best in people, places and quality of experience. Technology and innovation propelled our journey in the beginning, and continue to drive everything we do.


The Morris Group believe economic success and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand. We aim to exceed a ‘tread lightly’ approach by strengthening and enriching the environments in which we work; actively restoring, repairing and enhancing the natural ecosystems we operate within.



At Morris Group we believe business can be a force for good. Our vision of success is defined by strong communities, thriving environments and happy people.

We think every day is a chance to do something great and that there is always more that can be done to change the way we work, for the better.

We think every day is a chance to do something great

Fair & Equitable Society

Access to inclusive education, training and employment opportunities.
Strengthening regional economies and supporting economic transition.


Creating positive impact through responsible business management.
Funding environmental protection, regeneration, research and awareness.


Fostering health, balance and joy through businesses which drive connection to nature, to one another, and to self. Funding medical research and safety initiatives.


Investing in passionate people and providing the pathways and resources to unlock their potential to create success together.