Elevating the Australian good life

Elevating the Australian good life

Our Businesses

Morris Group is an independent, family-run business operating a collection of iconic Australian experiences.

With businesses in tourism, hospitality, aviation, and technology, we’re on a mission to make a positive impact doing work we love.

From luxury resorts and lodges to urban beer gardens, elevated dining experiences, and superyacht adventures; everything we do is inspired by our love for good company and the great outdoors.

Careers at Morris Group

At Morris Group, people are key.

Every day we deliver exceptional experiences because of our exceptional people.

We do work we love with purpose and passion, approaching each day with a mindset of sharing and learning so we can grow as professionals and individuals.

We are diverse, forward-thinking, and innovative, and we care about our communities, our environment, and the world around us.

View from the rooftop pool at the newly built Ardo hotel in Townsville.

Morris Family Foundation

Morris Family Foundation aims to make a positive impact on communities across Australia and abroad.

We support innovative, grassroots projects that are working to address critical social, economic, and environmental issues, by creating systemic change to tackle their root causes.

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