The School of St. Jude

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Providing high quality education that is a dream come true for students who would otherwise have very little opportunity.

IMPACT AREA: Equitable growth and just societies

The School of St Jude is a free, public school which provides high quality education to those who would otherwise be unable to receive it. The project was started in 2002 by Gemma Sisia, who dreamt of creating a school for bright yet disadvantaged students from the Arusha District in Tanzania, with the aim of helping to develop them into moral and intellectual leaders for their country.

The school has 1,650 students and boarding facilities for over 1,400 students. The school provides employment for 2,500 people, injects $5 million into the community through products and food purchased for the school and has an all Tanzanian academic staff.

The Morris Family Foundation has been a supporter of the school since 2014. Our donation has been able to support both A level (Year 11 and 12) students, university scholarships and the salaries of a number of teachers.

The students sponsored have wonderful ambitions. Miriam has a passion for learning languages and wants to become a business lawyer. Justin is interested in more effective and varied uses of energy and resources. Justin says “After I graduate from St Jude’s and find success, I will ensure that I provide sponsorship to children coming from poor families like myself in order to bring big changes to our country.”

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