Great Barrier Reef Legacy


Great Barrier Reef Legacy is a community focused non-for-profit organisation that is committed to the protection of coral reef systems worldwide. Their mission is to engage people from all nations to play their role in safeguarding this world heritage site for the future and to be an innovative leader in marine research expeditions, education, conservation and stewardship.

Reef Keepers supported Great Barrier Reef Legacy’s “Search for the Super Corals Expedition” which launched from the shores of Port Douglas in November 2017. The 21-day landmark expedition provided free access for a team of 20 marine scientists and a support crew to study corals, primarily the colonies of “Super Corals” that have survived bleaching events.

The expedition identified the reefs first known “Super Coral” capable of surviving the worst known bleaching events. It also collected live coral colonies for the Australian Institute of Marine Science to use to establish a brood stock of tough corals, enabled the world’s top coral scientist – Dr Charlie Veron – to discover at least one new coral species, and created a collaboration between research teams not yet seen.