Funding focus on farmers, First Nations Australians, oceans, waste

2 mins·10 Aug, 2023

Morris Family Foundation’s latest round of funding has been announced, with 28 organisations getting the greenlight for support.

Their projects range from supporting our farmers and First Nations entrepreneurs, protecting our oceans, and achieving a zero-waste society.

A quick guide to some of the foundation’s latest funded projects:

Australian Marine Conservation Society – the country’s only organisation that is solely devoted to protecting and restoring ocean wildlife and their habitats.

Farming for the Future – an innovative research project that is working with Australia’s agriculture sector to create a decarbonised, financially prosperous, and climate resilient industry.

Australian Holistic Management Cooperative – part of a global network that’s committed to supporting farmers to implement practices that measurably regenerate their land.

Grata Fund – building a fairer world by harnessing the power of high impact, strategic litigation to create structural change in climate justice, human rights, and democratic freedoms.

MURRA Indigenous Business Masterclass – aims to develop the capacity of First Nations entrepreneurs and professionals to develop business opportunities.

Boomerang Alliance – Australia’s leading non-government organisation on plastic campaigning, which aims to contribute to a healthy planet by achieving a zero-waste society.

Farming for the future

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