Environment Victoria

solar panels in a field

Campaigning for Victoria to do its part to solve the climate crisis whilst supporting communities who will be impacted.

IMPACT AREA: Protection and restoration of the environment

Environment Victoria is the state’s leading environmental non-government organisation. It was established in 1969.

In 2021, Environment Victoria’s aim is to make Victoria a national and global leader on climate action, including working to accelerate the renewable energy transition and restoring the Murray-Darling basin to health.

Their work to accelerate the renewables transition in Victoria includes making sure no communities are left behind as coal-fired power stations are closed ahead of schedule and sometimes without much notice.

They are working closely with community groups in the Latrobe Valley to empower them to lead the transition process. They will also work with local groups like Friends of the Latrobe Water on mine site rehabilitation to ensure places like the old Hazelwood and Yallourn mines are cleaned of toxic ash dumps before being turned into areas the community can enjoy.

At the same time, Environment Victoria will be building a campaign to build alliances with stakeholder groups and industry to lobby the Victorian Government to upgrade electrical transmission lines, which are key to support renewable power coming from many sources, rather than the old centralised system. These transmission upgrades will allow for the development of renewable energy zones where a concentration of renewable energy production can fuel manufacturing and industry with abundant cheap energy, and provide further economic benefits to regional communities.

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