Foundation Funding Renewed

5 min·10 May, 2022

Morris Family Foundation has renewed funding for seven projects aimed at protecting and restoring the environment, and supporting local communities in Australia and overseas.

The funding provides support for projects across the foundation’s key impact areas, including some outstanding work in fields like healthcare, education and training, regenerative agriculture, and climate change.

The projects receiving renewed funding from the foundation are:

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

Morris Family Foundation support helps Blue Dragon in protecting vulnerable children in remote areas of Vietnam. Their work involves education and capacity building in the community, as well as working with the provincial police, local government, and schools prevent trafficking, child labour and child imprisonment.

Rainforest Rescue

Rainforest Rescue does important reforestation work on retired cane farms in the Daintree. To date their work has resulted in a 100% reduction of polluting soil runoff into the Great Barrier Reef, and the return of many species of birds, bats, lizards, and cassowaries to the area.

Barbara May Foundation

Morris Family Foundation funding helps support the Vision Maternity Care Hospital in Ethiopia, where Barbara May Foundation is working to prevent maternal and neonatal deaths. They also provide training for the next generation of Ethiopian midwives, obstetricians, and maternal health doctors.

Environmental Defender’s Office

The team at EDO uses the law to protect our wildlife, people and places. Morris Family Foundation is supporting them with their work in PNG protecting some of the world’s last remaining old growth tropical rainforests from illegal logging.

Climate Council Queensland

Climate Council is working in Queensland to change the narrative on climate action. They work with communities to promote climate solutions that are good for both people and planet, ensuring that no one is left behind during the transition to renewable energy.

Sustainable Table

With support from Morris Family Foundation, the Sustainable Table is enabling, connecting and amplifying grassroots projects across Australia that aim to transform our food systems through regenerative agriculture practices.

All Ears Cambodia

AEC is working to address the needs of people with disabling hearing loss in Cambodia through the School of Audiology and Primary Ear Healthcare. By developing local clinicians, they’re helping to foster new opportunities for expanding services in previously under-served regions.

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