Sustainable Table


An environmental not-for-profit that works to transform communities and food systems towards sustainable and regenerative practices.

IMPACT AREA: Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Table was founded by high-school friends, Hayley Morris (MFF Trustee) and Cassie Duncan in 2009 in order to build an engaged community of people who want to learn about sustainable food production and how they can support a food system that restores, and nurtures the natural systems it relies upon.

The environmental issues of today are all linked to our food system. Without a sustainable environment we will not have enough food to feed ourselves, and without a sustainable food system we will not have a natural environment to support our food-growing capacity.

The Morris Family Foundation has been an integral supporter of Sustainable Table since its inception. Today, Hayley volunteers her time as a Director of Sustainable Table, whilst Cassie remains as the head of the organisation.

In 2021, Sustainable Table launched the Sustainable Table Fund, a philanthropic collaborative that is working to transform the food system through enabling, connecting, and amplifying regenerative practices.

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