Regen Melbourne

Melbourne city

A purpose-led network building a regenerative future for Greater Melbourne.

IMPACT AREA: Food security and sustainable agriculture

Regen Melbourne is a network of individuals and organisations working together to ensure a safe, just and prosperous future for the city of Melbourne. They convene community forums, conduct innovative research, create unique coalitions around impactful projects, and tell stories of regeneration.

The network is guided by the work of Oxford University economist Kate Raworth, who developed the theory of ‘doughnut economics’ which looks at how economies can be designed to work for people and planet, so that people’s essential needs are met, and economic growth and activity doesn’t become detrimental.

Regen Melbourne recognises that to achieve a thriving and prosperous future for Melbourne in a climate-changed world will require the cross-collaboration of all the smartest and most strategic thinkers, who Regen Melbourne aims to connect and promote.

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