Introducing Morris Group’s new identity

1 min·28 Nov, 2023

From today, Morris Group, Morris Family Foundation, Morris Technology, and Morris Aviation will share a common look and feel.

More than just a new logo and some new colours, our new brand helps to bring our businesses closer together.

Our new identity reflects how connected we are, recognising that when we work together, we become something greater – more than the sum of our parts.

About the new brand

The inspiration for the new logo comes from Morris Group’s foundations as a family-owned business. It starts with the letter ‘M’ representing Chris Morris and the Morris family.

From there it draws inspiration from our culture of working together across our collection of businesses spread across Australia and the world. We may be geographically distant, but we’re inherently connected.

And so, many M’s connect to form our icon.

The new brand colour is modern, vibrant, and energetic, but with a nod to our heritage. Purple is the colour synonymous with Computershare, the first company founded by Chris Morris.

Morris Technology and Morris Aviation will adopt the core purple branding, while Morris Family Foundation features a bright yellow colour to reflect the optimism and energy of the work it does with partner organisations progressing environmental and social justice.

Our new visual identity has been brought to life on the new Morris Group website, which is now live and ready to be explored.

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