Much ado about truffles

2 mins·21 Jun, 2024

For food lovers the arrival of winter can only mean one thing. Truffle season is upon us and it’s hitting menus across Morris Group venues for a month-long celebration of the seasonal delicacy.


What is it about truffles that gets chefs and diners so excited? Surely the hype is just one of those trendy foodie things that fills our social media feeds for a brief moment before moving out of the way for the next big thing.

If you ask Morris Group Executive Chef Peter Reffell, the love for truffles is much more than just a flash in the pan craze. It all comes down to their scarcity.

Truffles are a form of mushroom that grow underground at the base of either oak or hazelnut trees. Often taking up to four years to mature, the truffle farming process is complex. Specially trained dogs or pigs are needed to sniff the treasures out under the soil.

“Truffles are one of natures truly sought-after ingredients,” Reffell says.

“Chefs and food lovers are drawn to them not just because they are a true delicacy in every sense of the word, but also because of their unique aroma and flavour.”

With the season now officially underway, Reffell and his team of chefs across Victoria and Queensland are about to put truffles in the spotlight with special menus to give diners the chance to experience the flavour sensation for themselves.



Morris Group’s Melbourne-based pub group is bringing working alongside supplier Friends & Burrell to bring Victorian black truffles to the menu at three of its iconic venues.

Producer Oak Hill Truffles is a family-run operation located just 95km north-west of Melbourne. They’ve been farming truffles for 17 years with the help of their trusty labrador Peggy.

Here’s what diners can expect from Truffle Season at Morris Hospitality.


Over its 140 years in South Melbourne, O’Connell’s has been at the forefront of modern Australian pub dining. Having recently undergone a minor facelift and released a new, more refined menu, the local favourite is perfectly placed to showcase the seasonal delicacy in all its glory.

What’s on the menu:

  • Sole meunière, black truffle, red apple, sprouts
  • Classic black truffle gnocchi, Melbourne indoor mushrooms
  • Add truffle to any dish

The Albert Park Hotel

Albert Park’s restaurant Happy Valley has become well-known for its signature take on modern Chinese cuisine. True to form, the team of chefs have put their unique spin on Truffle Season with some inventive dishes to bring the flavour to life.

What’s on the menu:

  • Sichuan style beef tartare, black winter truffle
  • Black winter truffle Xiao long bao
  • Wild mushroom & Char Siu pork, Black winter truffle clay pot rice
  • Add truffle to any dish

Half Moon

Brighton’s much-loved local watering hole is known as the place to gather, drink and dine no matter the occasion. Its existing menu of refined pub classics and seasonal dishes is the ideal launching off pad for a celebration of all things truffles.

What’s on the menu:

  • Pressed chicken and black winter truffle terrine, fine herbs, truffle brioche
  • Sauté John Dory, black winter truffle, jersey royals and samphire
  • Add truffle to any dish

Morris Hospitality’s Truffle Season runs until Sunday 14 July.


Townsville’s newest luxury hotel has made its mark on the region’s food scene since opening in December. Its signature fine dining steak and seafood restaurant, Marmor, and modern Japanese cuisine at Terasu have fast become favourites amongst visitors and locals alike.

The culinary team is working with suppliers Friends & Burrell to bring New South Wales black truffles to the menu for Truffle Season. Their truffles come courtesy of Wylie Creek Truffles, located 750km north of Sydney.

What’s on the menu:


  • Chocolate Truffle Petite Gateau
  • Beef Carpaccio
  • Tonnarelli Pasta


  • Japanese Loin Iwachiku Wagyu Nigiri
  • Tuna Ceviche
  • Black Opal Wagyu Beef Tatak
  • Sukiyaki Iwachiku Wagyu Claypot
  • Or add black truffle to any dish of your choice

Ardo’s Truffle Season runs until Sunday 30 June.

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