A passion for food becomes a career

26 Jul, 2022

Alex King’s career has seen him work alongside some of the world’s top chefs in renowned restaurants all over Europe, including running a private chalet in the French Alps.

Choosing just one career highlight is not a simple task. But for Alex, the opportunity to learn from the best of the best was crucial in helping him grow into the talented chef he has become.

“My biggest career accomplishment is too hard to pick,” he said.

“It’d have to be when I worked as a stagiaire at L’Enclume which has just won its third Michelin star, and also working with Andrew Fairlie at his two Michelin star restaurant, Gleneagles.

“I took very valuable lessons from working at these places and I feel they moulded me to where I am today.”

For Alex, the pathway to become a chef had already been paved by his father. All he had to do was follow, whether his dad liked it or not.

“From a young age I was always interested in cooking. I think part of it was because my dad is a chef,” he said.

“When I was younger I would spend hours during the school holidays at Dad’s work. I was always surrounded by food.

“So when I got older I knew that’s what I wanted to do even though my dad wanted me to do a different trade. I think I’ve always been addicted to crazy. The kitchen is home for me.”

Alex has worked across a few of the different hotels in the Morris Hospitality portfolio and these days he is bringing his wealth of experience to Portsea Hotel, creating elevated modern Australian pub food that showcases the best fresh seasonal produce.

In the process he’s passing on everything he’s learned to his team of talented young chefs, developing the next generation of industry leaders.

“The thing I love most is the buzz of working in a kitchen, and the people you meet along the way.”

Alex King, Portsea Hotel

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