Service with style

12 Mar, 2022

Jackson joined Railway Club Hotel team as a casual waiter in January 2021. But his obvious passion, drive, and determination quickly saw him moving into a full-time position and joining the venue’s management team within a few short months.

Having worked in hospitality since he was 14, Jackson’s built a wealth of experience across a variety of establishments – everything from cafés, hotels, fine dining, catering, and bars. But he says there’s something special about working at Railway Club, and that’s the community and its reputation.

“The main difference that sticks out to me is the regular clientele. Working somewhere that’s so community orientated is new for me,” he said.

“I think it’s so cool to work somewhere with such a fantastic reputation. That encourages me to keep my service standards high, and motivates me to continuously teach and train team members to make sure we’re all reaching for the same high standards.

“But, the team always surpasses my expectations – because everything that’s needed to be great in hospitality comes so naturally to them.”

So what does it take to be part of the high performing Railway Club team? According to Jackson there are two main keys.

“Wit and self-motivation,” he said.

“You will fit right in as long as you’re able to crack a joke with the guys in the bar, and are always looking for the next thing to do to help the team.”

Jackson Dow, Assistant Venue Manager, Railway Club Hotel

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