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12 Apr, 2022

Joe Drover is a familiar face at The Ville Resort – Casino having progressed across countless roles over a 30 year career with the business.

We ask Joe what it takes to deliver service excellence:

How long have you worked at the property? What are some of the roles you’ve had over that time?

I’ve worked at the property for over 30 years. In that time I’ve had a lot of varied experience. I’ve been a restaurant table attendant, a barman, worked in in-room dining, banquets, at Spin Café and on the Casino gaming floor.

What do you love about working in hospitality and interacting with customers?

I really enjoy having some conversation and banter with customers to build a bit of camaraderie. I like to try and create an atmosphere that’s fun, active and dynamic.

What does ‘service excellence’ mean to you?

For me service excellence is about attention to detail. It’s about being deliberate and thoughtful about timing of your service and anticipating what the customer needs and when they need it. A friendly smile is important as well as polished manners. Remembering their names makes a big difference in adding that personal touch.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned about customer service over your career?

Perseverance is important, and so is reliability. But the key to excellent service is being genuine and having a bit of a sense of humour. That really helps you connect with your customer.

What advice would you have for colleagues who are just starting out and want to grow a career in customer service?

Shift work can be tough at times, but you need to work out a way to manage it that works for you.

Overall, it’s a very social job so there’s a big opportunity to have a lot of fun so just enjoy it.

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