Happy accident leads to dream job at The Ville

5 min·10 Aug, 2022

Marketing Manager Kimberley Wilkinson first started working at the property 11 years ago, when she accepted a job as a Guest Service Agent.

Her plan was to stick around as a casual for a few years while she studied tourism at university. But for Kimbi (as she prefers to be called), not sticking to the plan turned out to be the best plan.

A decade after her first shift, she landed her in her dream job as the luxury resort’s Marketing Manager.

“Honestly, it never crossed my mind that this could or would become a career for me,” she said.

“I’ve always loved tourism, hospitality, and marketing. Being in marketing was always my dream but I never thought that starting out working in guest services could one day lead to me being Marketing Manager and part of the Executive Management Team.

“I’m so glad that the happy accident of working my way up through the company has brought me to where I am today. I love having a job that is so fun, creative and challenging,”

Kimberley Wilkinson, Marketing Manager, The Ville Resort – Casino

Mt Mulligan Lodge

Over the course of her career, Kimbi has held eight different roles, each one giving her new skills, new experiences, and new insights into how to deliver exceptional experiences for guests.

She’s managed the busy team in the hotel’s reception and front office, been Revenue Manager, Business Development Executive, Reservations Sales Manager, and coordinated the marketing for the dynamic gaming portfolio.

“I’ve naturally progressed into different roles and said ‘yes’ to any opportunity that has come my way,” she said

“I’ve really loved learning about all the different departments within The Ville and how they all need to work together to ultimately provide a seamless and fun experience for our customers.

“I think my experience has helped me be adaptable to change, and allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone.”

While her dream gig does come with its fair share of challenges, Kimbi says the fast-paced environment and diversity is the thing she loves the most.

“I think the things I find the most challenging about my role are the mains reason why I enjoy my job so much. Every single day is different,” she said.

“I love that one day I can be working on a major event like Melbourne Cup or Christmas, or relaunching our Vantage Rewards program, and opening a new VIP gaming room; and the next I could be working on an influencer campaign, creating a casino promotion, organising a photoshoot, proofing menus, or working on sponsorship agreements.”

For Kimbi, there’s a lot to love about working at The Ville. But more than anything, it comes down to the people – although, she says that view certainly helps!

“I’m very grateful I get to work with such a positive and supportive team that works extremely hard, but has fun at the same time,” she said

“I wouldn’t be where I am without the support from the people I work with on a daily basis.

“I genuinely wake up every morning happy to come to work. I have made lifelong friends in my time here, and working here has played such a significant role in my life.”

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