Leading the way to net optimism

3 min·10 Oct, 2022

Morris Group Executive Director Hayley Morris hosted over 70 guests for the first panel event of the new Net Optimism series, which aimed to showcase businesses and solutions that are working towards a low carbon, circular and more equitable economy.

Hayley was joined by Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO, David Ritter, E3Sixty Limited CEO, Cameron Bain, and Revolve Your World Founder, Luke McConell for a thought-provoking conversation on waste and how we can shift mentalities from a linear economy to a circular one, with reduction, reuse and recycling at the centre of all consumption.

“We want to educate businesses and communities about the waste procedures available to them until there’s no more waste, or until waste becomes part of the community in a circular, constructive way. I actually want to put myself out of a job,” Revolve Your World Founder Luke McConell said.

The panelists agreed that there is reason for optimism with E3Sixty CEO, Cameron Bain, saying the future looks fantastic and that collectively we will come up with the right answers.

“We’re on the right path to get to 100% recycling; the public are getting more educated. People understand the problem and want to help,”

Cameron Bain, CEO, E3Sixty


Greenpeace CEO, David Ritter agreed, stating “Life fights for life. Given half a chance, nature will re-emerge. And if there is one thing we know, it’s that human beings working together can achieve just about anything. Despite the scale of the challenge, we must retain the vision, the dedication, the confidence, the commitment that the world flourishing is there for us on the horizon. If we cannot imagine a future where the world is flourishing, we will not be able to build and nurture one.”

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