Inspiring people to participate in democratic renewal and the critical reforms needed to prevent the system from being for sale to the highest bidder.

IMPACT AREA: Equitable growth & just societies

Craig Reucassel (War on Waste; The Chaser) has made a feature documentary that follows Christiaan Van Vuuren (Bondi Hipsters) as he goes on a journey to find out how much money has infiltrated and influenced political decision makers in Australia. Watch the full documentary on ABC iView.

The campaign attached to the film, which was released September 2021, is the #OurDemocracy campaign launched with the Make it a Big Deal website that encourages people to meet their local MP and connect with community groups working to reform our democratic processes. When our political system isn’t working, it functions as an obstacle to progress on every important issue.

The #OurDemocracy campaign brings together a broad civil society coalition to tackle this problem together, so that we put people back at the heart of our democracy and make progress on all our issues. The campaign aims to change the story by maximising the number of people who see the film; encourage people to be more directly engaged in politics; get integrity issues on the national agenda; and build support for a strong federal integrity commission, a code of conduct for politicians, better funding for the national audit office to prevent rorting, and a merit-based process for appointing government advisors to avoid them being stacked by mates.

The timing of this film in the lead up to the election will help put the spotlight on the issue of political donations and its impact on the political process, and encourage communities to get involved in their local election campaigns to make sure they elect members who know they are answerable to their constituents and will vote for stronger anti-corruption measures in Canberra.

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