Museum of Underwater Art

underwater museum

The Museum of Underwater Art is the first installation of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor, MOUA is a series of underwater sculptures designed to become part of the surrounding natural area.

Reef Keepers has provided support to the MOUA project that will have four installations around the Townsville area; at the Strand in Townsville, John Brewer Reef, Magnetic Island, and Palm Island.

The installations have been collaboratively designed with local indigenous artists and reflect the stories and cultures of the land where the sculptures are located. The Coral Greenhouse at John Brewer Reef has been designed for coral to grow over the structure, creating an immersive experience for scuba divers who visit the site.

The Museum of Underwater Art also has a message of environmental preservation and seeks to start conversations about the protection of the Great Barrier Reef where all the sculptures are located. The Ocean Siren at the Strand in Townsville is an ocean guardian, protecting the reef for future generations and is a sculpture of a local Wulgurukaba student Takoda Johnson.