Ganbina – Journey 2 Jobs

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Mentoring and training Indigenous students to build successful careers in partnership with Ignatius Park College.

IMPACT AREA: Quality Education

Ganbina is Australia’s most successful Indigenous school to work transition program that works with Indigenous high school students to finish school, undertake further study or training and secure meaningful employment. Their model is now being applied at Ignatius Park College in Townsville with the support of the Morris Family Foundation.

Working with Indigenous students at Ignatius Park College from year 7 through to graduation, the Journey 2 Jobs (J2J) program aims to set students up for success through mentoring, career planning and guest speakers. Indigenous students in the program learn about the importance of career planning, take part in industry site visits, meet Indigenous students now studying at James Cook University, and get to take part in careers events.

The assistance from Ganbina allows students to see new opportunities for further education and career paths they may not have considered before. Ganbina students in other locations have gone on to study to study engineering, business, law, take on apprenticeships and employment, and find stable careers that led to homeownership.

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