Fair Agenda

woman at parliament

Campaigning for a future where our gender doesn’t determine our safety, financial security, or agency.

IMPACT AREA: Equitable growth and just societies

The Morris Family Foundation selects an NGO leader at a critical stage of early growth for a fellowship each year, providing them with an unrestricted grant so they can go do their important work.

This is in recognition of the fact that many NGO leaders spend much of their time trying to fundraise, when their time could be better used in other ways. We help them to get off the fundraising treadmill for a minute to show their impact and help them grow.

The 2021 Fellow is Renee Carr of Fair Agenda.

Fair Agenda is a community of 43,000 Australians campaigning for a future in which our gender doesn’t diminish our safety, economic security, or agency over our lives and bodies. They believe the only way to achieve that is by changing the structures and systems that disadvantage women.

Members take strategic action on the issues that matter to them – whether its tackling gendered violence, protecting reproductive rights, or championing women’s economic equality. Their movement exists to build community power, and use it to influence political, business and media leaders to make decisions that will lead to better outcomes for women with long-term policy change.

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